What does your desk layout say about your startup?

How does the position of your desk and your workout regime determine how successful your startup will be?

It sounds a bit like Freakonomics, but those are just two of 90 points addressed by custom furniture website Fab.com’s founder, Jason Goldberg, over at his blog.

The list is extensive, but demonstrates the meticulous attention to detail and energy required by entrepreneurs to turn ideas into successful businesses.

We’ve put five of our favourite tips below, but just click on the above link for more of Goldberg’s inspiring insights…

Position your desk in a way in which you are staring at your co-founders and they are staring at you. If you aren’t enjoying looking at each other each day, you’re working with the wrong people.

Go to the gym and/or run at least 4 times per week. Keep your body in shape if you want to keep your mind in shape. So many people get this wrong yet it is so very important. I take it to the extreme – I run every morning and I also lift weights at least 4 nights per week. It’s not just because I’m a fitness freak (ok, I am), it’s because it keeps my body and mind fresh to fight big emotional and physical battles. It’s also because the gym is scheduled private time with myself in the morning (I watch TV shows while running on the treadmill) and with my partner Chris in the evening. It forces us to do something together every night besides just sit on the couch

Follow your gut, and back it up with data. At Fab we like to say that we start with emotions and then support our emotions with data to learn whether our emotions were right. But, it’s emotions that come first. I firmly believe that’s how it should be.

Raise as little money as possible when you first start. Force yourself to be budget constrained as it will cause you to carefully spend each dollar like it is your last.

Insist on perfection. Never, ever settle. If you start to settle a little here, a little there, soon enough you’ll turn around and say, "how did we get here?" It’s on me and Bradford and Nishith and the rest of our executives to make sure that Fab is Fab is Fab in everything we do.

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