What ‘smart home’ devices have you tried?

Research out today suggests that the modern house manager spends just two hours a week on housework and expects to spend none at all in 20 years’ time.

If you’re part of this smart-home technology revolution, below are a few of the smart home devices out there you might find useful (depending on your level of laziness).

If you’re not a fan of hovering with a few hundred pounds to spare, the Navibot vacuum cleaner might make your chores even easier. Shaped like a circular dish with wheels, the Samsung hover has sensors and two brush arms designed to sweep up dirt. The vacuum uses a camera that makes a map of the entire area, so that it cleans the entire floor. Other sensors detect obstacles, enabling it to clean staircases as well as cleaning more efficiently.

Samsung also provide a WF457 washer dryer that can be controlled by an 8-inch color touchscreen or an app on a mobile device. It allows users to choose a washing cycle via their smartphone, as well as setting alerts to show when the task is completed.

Unique Automation sells a Bath-O-Matic that comes with an app, allowing users to run their tub from the train, with just the right amount of bubbles.

Are there any ones you’d like to include? Let us know your thoughts.

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