Why Google’s Android Wear will make it the king of smartwatches in 2014

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Gear, or the Pebble, both of which got off to a stuttering start in the world of wearable technology, Google’s plan announced yesterday for smartwatches is shaping up to be an outright domination of the smartwatch world. Why? It’s all in the operating system.

Other manufacturers have focused on the hardware or design of their watches, with the operating system almost seeming like an afterthought, thrown in on top with bugs, glitches, and to be honest, not a whole lot of functionality.

Google’s Android Wear, which will first be seen on the LG G Watch and the Moto 360, appears to be a well thought out, watch-centric designed operating system based on Google Now which will blow the competition out of the water.

As long as you buy into the Google ecosystem, Google Now’s omnipresence gives it the freakish ability to pretty much know everything about you, and offers everything you need to know. Pebble OS? Tizen OS? These operating systems don’t stand a chance against Android Wear. Google has been cunning, letting other manufacturers do the donkey work of design beforehand, and now it has swanned it a few years later with a operating system that’s taken all the good bits of competitors, added the functionality of its killer Google Now, and then dished it out to device makers who can make it all work well whilst looking good.

It’s your move, Apple.


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