5 of the funniest tweets about technology

Technology has given us many things – the telephone, electricity, the mobile phone, television – the list goes on and on.

Technology has also gifted us the Internet and Twitter, giving people from all over the world an outlet in order to express ideas, opinions and news in 140 characters or less.

It is also a perfect outlet for the comedians among us, with those gifted with funny bones seizing on trends and popular culture with an array of memes, gags and puns.

Here at CBR we thought we would combine the best of both worlds, bringing you the funniest tweets about technology.


Funny technology tweet

Who didn’t want to be Kate Winslet in this famous scene from Titanic? No, only me…OK then. The famous scene where Leo sketches Kate has been given a 21st Century upgrade with the Apple Pencil, with this particular tweet capitalising on the Pencil’s launch for one of the best timed, and funny, tweets of all time.


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