IBM THINK Marketing is set to help marketers drive digital transformation.

IBM gets marketers to THINK with Watson

IBM is once again harnessing the power of Watson, with its cognitive capabilities set to help marketers drive digital transformation with THINK Marketing.

THINK Marketing is the latest digital transformation offering from Big Blue, designed to help Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) and their teams build proficiency and experience.

THINK Marketing delivers news and though leadership content from the industry’s leading influencers and news outlets. The content links to learning materials, demonstrations, and trials from a variety of vendors around topics such as campaign management, digital marketing and analytics.

THINK Marketing will also provide a developer marketplace where start-ups and develops can brainstorm new ideas and create new cognitive and cloud apps.

The platform relies on Watson APIs such as AlchemyLanguage and Conversation, which ingest thousands of pieces of content, conduct a semantic analysis and recommend relevant content. IBM hopes that Watson’s capabilities with THINK Marketing will grow in the future, with Watson able to learn people’s interests, marketing aptitude and unique business challenges, all based on their collective experience with the platform.

Showcasing THINK’s abilities, IBM used gave an example using the popular Pokémon Go game. if a marketer reads an article on “Pokémon Go,” THINK Marketing could recommend articles on mobile personalization, present a case on the growing role that big data analytics is playing in the video game industry and then direct them to solutions that can help their business, whether an IBM offering or one from an IBM Partner.

“Marketers are besieged with solutions and opinions for the best path to success. THINK Marketing offers a view of the best news, thought leadership, education and solutions,” said Harriet Green, General Manager, Watson IoT, Commerce and Education, IBM.

“As part of this commitment to providing relevant, expert guidance, we are also training Watson to provide customised recommendations for solutions that put companies on the course for business transformation.”


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