Organisations are ill-equipped to deal with web-borne malware

Over 75% of enterprises are attacked through inherently insecure browsers, signifying a rise in enterprise data security threats, a new report revealed.

The latest "The Challenge of Preventing Browser-Borne Malware" report from Ponemon Institute noted that the average cost to react and remediate single security breach resulting from failed malware detection technology had reached about $62,000.

Ponemon Institute chairman and founder Larry Ponemon said: "The findings of this research reveal that current solutions are not stopping the growth of web-borne malware."

"Almost all IT practitioners in our study agree that their existing security tools are not capable of completely detecting web-borne malware, and the insecure web browser is a primary attack vector."

"Further, the findings are evidence of the need for a more effective solution to stop web-borne malware."

69% of the overall surveyed IT and security professionals noted that browser-borne malware has turned out to be a significant threat compared to a year ago.

Half of enterprises noted that web-borne malware bypassed their layered firewall security, with 38% revealing that sandboxing and content analysis engines still allow web-borne malware through.

89% of respondents said that their enterprise had been hit without detection.

Spikes Security CEO, CTO, and founder Branden Spikes said: "While the Web browser has become the most strategically important application on corporate desktops, it is also, unfortunately, the most vulnerable application in terms of being a delivery channel for malware leading to cyber attacks."

"What many organisations forget is that the browser is the only application that is permitted to download and execute code from a 3rd party location — any external web site."

"Every time you allow unknown code into your network, you put yourself and your business at risk. This is why browser isolation outside the network is so important. It is the only way to prevent this problem."

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