MariaDB’s MaxScale simplifies database scalability


Database vendor MariaDB, formerly SkySQL, is looking to improve costs and efficiency for enterprises with its latest database-centric proxy.

The MariaDB MaxScale is an open source proxy that allows for databases and apps to be fully decoupled, with the aim of speeding up enterprises’ database administration processes.

The Finnish firm said it combined its expertise on Oracle MySQL and Galera Clustering among other database technologies to develop five types of plugins for MaxScale: protocols, monitoring, routing, authentication and logging.

The proxy offers Read/Write splitting, which is designed to optimise Master/Slave architectures and help enterprises achieve better throughput.

Intelligent rule-based filtering at the proxy layer provides complex database queries and reporting without having to code changes to the database or the applications, saving time and costs.

The proxy layer is also designed to provide improved database security control, as it detects and prevents SQL injection and unauthorised access.

"It liberates database professionals to operate faster and more robust solutions with less dependence on application developers," CEO Patrik Sallner said.

"MaxScale’s plug-in approach will continue to bring new capabilities to customers and partners in the future. What we have developed here is a fundamentally new approach to address the need for speed and scale, common to many organisations today."

Colt Engine’s DBA and Java developer Alessandro Fustini, added: "MariaDB MaxScale is a DBA’s dream come true! It has a pluggable architecture which significantly increases flexibility and aids customization as well as a lightweight, high-speed networking core delivering superior throughput."

MaxScale also allows users to change a database platform as it supports protocols from MySQL, JSON, Microsoft SQL Server and Hadoop among others.

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