Tegile puts customer confidence first with flash array guarantee

The IntelliCare Flash 5 Guarantee, a multi-point program with a 5-year guarantee window, has been announced by Tegile Systems.

Focused on the top five principles of most enterprise technology purchases, the Flash 5 Guarantee puts in writing minimum levels customers can expect from Tegile arrays in areas of performance, cost, data reduction, endurance and availability.

A Pro-Serve Engineer will be sent directly to the customer if any Tegile array, within the guarantee window, fails to meet one or more of the previously mentioned criteria.

Tegile further promises to provide additional or replacement equipment at no cost, if deemed necessary.

The company has detailed guaranteed minimum levels of each and every Tegile array, which include:

1. Performance levels from a latency standpoint that are 5 times faster than legacy storage
2. Pricing no higher than €5/RAW GB
3. Data reduction rates of 5:1 leveraging Tegile’s deduplication and compression technologies
4. 5 years of heavy-write SSD endurance and free controller upgrades after five years’ of service life
5. "5 Nines" availability (99.999 percent, equal to 4 minutes/year) with active-active controllers

"The Tegile IntelliCare Flash 5 Guarantee is a differentiator in the marketplace, intended to help customers feel confident that we will ensure they achieve the optimal levels of performance, cost, data reduction, endurance and availability that we promise them," said Paul Silver, vice president, EMEA, Tegile.

"While there are others in the industry that may make similar promises, not all of them offer as comprehensive a guarantee, for as long as we offer it, or as a written agreement."

"It is also important to remember that these are the minimum promises for our entire portfolio of Intelligent Flash Arrays. Truth be told, our customers should expect to receive better than promised results on nearly every point with their Tegile purchase, with much better results depending on the application they deploy their Tegile array to support."

The Tegile IntelliCare Flash 5 Guarantee is provided on all of the company’s hybrid and all-flash arrays.

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