IoT device helps shed light on Smart buildings


Semiconductor manufacturer ams AG is looking to help lighting manufacturers increase energy efficiency after unveiling a chip-scale, smart lighting manager system for the Internet of Things (IoT).

The AS721x Autonomous Daylight Manager integrates Broadcom’s flagship WICED development system with photopic sensors built with nano-optic filters, which is designed to manage luminaires and light fixtures within homes and buildings.

The company said the approach will help lighting manufacturers address the growing challenges of energy-saving lighting mandates, including daylight controls.

It added that AS721x delivers accurate lumen maintenance over time and temperature variations, and allows connected luminaire systems to respond to building- or space-level commands and controls, thereby cutting down on costs.

"The AS721X family of smart lighting silicon photonics sensor solutions create a natural Internet of Things (IoT) sensor hub within smart buildings, which results in an Internet of Awareness through the convergence of IoT-connected lighting and sensor fusion," said AMS’s head of Emerging Sensor Strategies Sajol Ghoshal.

"The AS721X family, with Broadcom’s groundbreaking, easy-to-use connectivity from their WICED Smart Bluetooth and SmartBridge platform, delivers a secure, plug-and-play connection to the IoT for big data aggregation and the anticipated wave of machine learning."

Sid Shaw, Broadcom’s senior product line manager, Wireless Connectivity, added: "ams’ ground-breaking sensor-integrated manager series addresses head-on the lighting industry’s desire for technically feasible integrated controls that are also cost- and space-effective.

"Combined with ubiquitous and standards based BT Smart connectivity, it’s a solution that will truly revolutionise the lighting industry, delivering the kind of network-connected system approach that exemplifies the power of the Internet of Things."

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