Google to begin Glass project from scratch

Google has reportedly confirmed plans to restart its Glass project, after the production of the smartglass prototype was halted last month.

The New York Times reported that ex-Apple designer Tony Fadell has now ‘reset’ the project, with the new version to be developed internally and only released upon completion.

The tech major has also restructured the team responsible for the project and placed it in a separate undertaking.

The Glass project was hit with a troubled assessment period during which the device had been criticised over privacy threats, with several early adopters in the tech world quitting to put on the product.

The company planned to modify the gadget with a thinner design, together with a crystal that will project the results sought by thewearer, alongside replacing a Texas Instrument chip with a Intel chip and changing camera position.

Reiterating its commitment to roll out the smart glasses as a consumer product, the tech firm will now mainly focus on ‘future versions of Glass’ with work carried out by another entity.

Operating via voice commands, the Android powered, internet-connected device can capture pictures and record video, in addition to sharing content directly through email or social networks.

The device comes with in-built features such as Skype-like video chats alongside other related information such as weather reports and map directions that would display on a screen integrated to the rim in the top right of the users’ field of vision.

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