Huawei at MWC: 7 rumours and revelations


CBR rounds up some of the products Huawei has confirmed for MWC, as well as the rumours and cryptic hints.

1. 4.5G

4.5G is what Huawei calls an evolution of existing 4G, rather than a new generation of connectivity in itself. While 5G is still a way off, 4.5G uses existing 4G to connect things rather than people. Huawei claims that the 4.5G unveiled on Tuesday will increase the number of LTE connections in a cell by one hundred times.

2. HTR

Ultra high definition video is on course to take off in coming years, with the huge demands this will place on data. The high-throughput router (HTR) is Huawei’s answer to this problem, a technology that promises to minimise delay and packet loss effects. HTR will allow more delay variation before the end-user experience is affected.

3. FusionCloud Omni Solution

At the moment, hybrid cloud faces several challenges, according to Ron Raffensberger, CTO of Huawei: they are not open, not secure, and there is no service control. Huawei’s new hybrid cloud platform will fully enable interoperation between private and public clouds, as well as smooth migration to the cloud of essential businesses and services.

4. New tablet

While Huawei has stated it will not launch any smartphones at MWC, its as-yet unnamed new tablets are hotly tipped to be on the agenda. While Huawei tablets remain relatively unknown in the Western market, these new devices will focus on the premium end of the market.

5. Wearables

At a press conference in January at the company’s headquarters in Shenzhen, Huawei revealed that a new range of fitness technologies, including a flagship smartband, would hit the market this year. We expect to see some of these unveiled at MWC next week. The smartband may be the recently announced 4.5G Smartband.

6. 5G

While 4.5G will protect investment in 4G, Huawei is keeping up its investment in 5G technology, intending to be a leader. Patrick Zhang Shunmao, President, Marketing and Solutions Department, Enterprise Business Group at Huawei Technologies and Bob Cai, Vice President of Marketing, Wireless Network Product Line, confirmed that MWC would see the trialling of 5G products as well, although they did not specify what form these would take.

7. Robots

Unfortunately we don’t have any more detail than this, but in an interview at the Dorcester Bob Cai told CBR that robots would be shown at MWC. The comment arose during a discussion of Industry 4.0, the new era of industry which Huawei claims will see factories where "you won’t be able to see human beings, you will only see robots."

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