SAP’s IoT strategy revealed at Davos


SAP has shed light on its strategy for the Internet of Things (IoT), which it believes provides "unbelievable value" for the enterprise software giant.

In an interview on SAPTV at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Bernd Leukert, an executive board member of SAP SE, outlined how he sees connected devices and business networks unlocking the value for SAP.

"When you talk to the leaders here in Davos about innovation, it all comes down to innovation driven by technology, innovation driven by software," he said.

"And being a dominant leader in business processes today, supporting the market leading companies with all the processes they run day in and day out, we are perfectly bringing in our capabilities of transforming data in real-time with our platform but as well being able to connect devices, to connect people with any capabilities."

"We have tremendous opportunity to partner with these market leaders and I would say define the stand-up across 25 different industries in future, so it’s unbelievable value for SAP."

It comes after SAP last week announced plans to expand its presence in cloud computing and ecommerce across China.

Rob Enslin, SAP SE Global Customer Operations, added: "Everybody that has a connection to the Internet, whether it’s through a cell phone or through a laptop or through any kind of device will be able to participate."

"When you start to talk about the IoT and connecting devices, they will also be able to participate, so you can start to see the connection of the IoT, the Internet and everybody being able to use it as a vehicle of economic communication."

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