‘Adobe’ phishers target Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and AOL


A phishing campaign spoofing the software vendor Adobe is attempting to hijack Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and AOL email accounts, according to the security company Malwarebytes.

Victims are initially sent a spam email ostensibly from Adobe linking them to the phishing page, which changes its appearance depending on which email service is selected, mimicking the legitimate versions.

Jovi Umawing, malware intelligence analyst at Malwarebytes, said: "We can deduce from the page’s content that the spam may have originated from a spoofed Adobe address, promising an important document the recipient has to see."

"Some of us may quickly and easily identify that the whole thing is a phishing campaign, but some may also not realise this until it’s too late."

She advised users to "be extra careful" when dealing with emails that appear to be from Adobe, adding that suspicious files can be forwarded on to phishing@adobe.com.

The campaign follows in the wake of a similar one targeting the 400 million users of Outlook.com, which also had a highly plausible phishing page for stealing logins.

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