EU only ‘right to be forgotten’ backed by Google panel

An independent panel of experts has backed Google’s decision to limit the EU’s new ‘right to be forgotten’ requisite to its search results in the region, rather than extending its across the world.

The EU Advisory Council ruled that only links to personal information considered inadequate, immaterial or no longer related must be removed from its EU search results.

The latest ruling from the panel, which was appointed by Google last year to assist in implementing the ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling, may be at odds with European data protection regulators.

Reuters cited a report from Google’s Advisory Council as saying: "It concludes that removal from nationally directed versions of Google’s search services within the EU is the appropriate means to implement the Ruling at this stage."

Supporting the move, the panel advised the search major to modify some of its process to make a decision on links that need to be eliminated from its search service.

Further, the data protection watchdogs also suggested Google to extend its control on links to all its global search websites, since they can also be accessed from within the EU.

Google has already started deleting details on individuals from EU domains, while retaining them on its global engines, thus making the data still accessible on the web against directives issued by EU regulators.

However, privacy watchdogs are seeking search engines to erase results globally, saying it is very easy to switch from an European domain to

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