Google looks at MVNO role with move into telecoms


Google is reportedly looking to offer mobile phone plans to customers directly, with the service running on the cellular networks of T-Mobile and Sprint.

Set to be rolled out in regions with Google Fiber high-speed internet, the latest move forms part of project dubbed ‘Nova’, which is expected to be rolled out during late 2015.

The deal with telecoms firms would enable the tech major to become a mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO, by purchasing access to a massive network at wholesale rates and further reselling it to customers.

Led by Google executive Nick Fox, the Nova project was originally set for launch last fall and has also been tested by Google employees.

Projects including Google Fiber, Project Loon and the recent investment in SpaceX have fuelled the tech major’s interest towards offering internet service directly to users.

However, the cost and range of the new service still remains undisclosed.

Google’s foray into wireless market would make it a key rival to Verizon and AT&T, while complicating its bond with carriers. However, Google indirectly competes with telecom operators through its video and voice services.

Google’s plans to set up own wireless service were reported as early as last year.

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