Top 10 security apps for iPhone 6


These days a person’s entire life can be found in their pockets. Yet easy access to email, web and banking comes with increased security risks and means that users need to take greater steps to protect themselves.

For those of you who have just purchased an iPhone 6 for Christmas, now is the time to safeguard your digital life. These ten apps should help you do it.

1. Find My iPhone

While hacking remains a big concern for smartphone security, this app protects you should you mislay your mobile. Users can locate their device on a map using another iOS device, and can also remotely lock their phone and erase their data.

2. GadgetTrak

Similar to Find My iPhone, GadgetTrak allows users to keep tabs on a missing phone, relaying location information and even IP addresses to help you find it. Another great feature is the ability to use the phone to take pictures of the thief, though that requires an extra in-app purchase.

3. Lookout

As befits the name, Lookout is another app dedicated to protect your device from theft or loss. Like similar software you can find your device’s location on a map, show a custom "lost" message on the device screen with contact details, or play a sound to help you locate it.

4. VirusBarrier

VirusBarrier allows users to scan attachments, cloud services, and file transfer protocol servers for malware, making it more difficult for hackers to use iPhones as a means of making mischief. Common Windows and Microsoft Office files are supported, as well as PDF, HTML and JavaScript.

5. iDiscrete

Those with nosy friends will appreciate the discretion of this app, which allows you to store pictures, videos and notes behind a fake program. On booting the app goes to a loading screen where you must put in the code to access to private data, while doing nothing sends prying eyes to a dummy app.

6. Webroot SecureWeb

SecureWeb is a web browser focused on protecting you from hackers by stopping you from accessing malicious and phishing sites, as well as using Webroot’s reputation database to check whether a URL is safe to click. Other than that it is like a regular browser, complete with tabbing.

7. mSecure

Unlike other apps, mSecure offers a plethora of features for locking down your phone data, including a password manager, data backup and software for syncing to cloud and other devices. Other features include a password generator, and more options for hashing sensitive input fields.

8. Avira Mobile Security

Another comprehensive suite, Avira Mobile Security contains a malicious process scanner, a service to ensure iOS is up-to-date, and location tracking. The app also integrates into a backup platform, and links into an online help community.

9. Spam Arrest

Spam Arrest is a service that connects to your email accounts to help block and mitigate spam. After signing up and downloading the app it starts working automatically, as well as letting you edit sender lists so you can manually tweak what you can and cannot receive.

10. Kryptos

Kryptos is a secure voice over IP service that uses 256 bit encryption for a monthly service fee of $10, working through 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi. While that’s a high price for an app, it is considerably cheaper than shelling out for a Blackphone.

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