UPI and New York Post Twitter accounts hacked


Hackers have compromised the Twitter accounts of United Press International (UPI) and the New York Post, posting false news regarding US-China ties and the Federal Reserve.

According to UPI, six false headlines were posted on its Twitter account within 10 minutes on Friday. The news agency claimed that its news website was also compromised.

One of the posts on UPI quoted the Pope as saying "World War III has begun".

A fake ‘breaking news’ banner about Federal Reserve announcements also appeared on the UPI website.

New York Post’s Twitter account was used to spread fake news about hostilities breaking out between the US and China.

Another tweet alleged that aircraft carrier USS George Washington was ‘engaged in active combat’ against Chinese warships in the South China Sea.

The New York Post said in a statement: "Some New York Post Twitter accounts were briefly hacked and the matter is being investigated."

Previously, a similar attack was launched on the US Central Command‘s Twitter and YouTube accounts. The Pentagon suspended the US military command’s Twitter account soon after the attack.

Media companies including AFP and the BBC have also fallen prey to cyber attacks in the past two years.

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