Cheeky Selfridges milks iPod virgins

Why take an iPod lesson for free in the Apple Store on Regent Street when you can pay £65 for the privilege just around the corner in Selfridges on Oxford Street?

It may seem like a no-brainer, but then again I’ve seen the Apple store on Regent Street so busy that the only way to get the attention of an Apple expert is by pulling the fire alarm (why buy an iPod in the first place when you can spend all day in an Apple Store fiddling with theirs?) So there may actually be a few well-heeled punters out there who would pay for some personal attention in less frenetic surroundings.

Perhaps Selfridges is hoping that a few punters will be unaware that they can get free help with their iPods at the Apple Store, and will instead pay sixty five hard-earned notes for the 40-minute iPod how-to with them instead, as described in a report in the Sydney Morning Herald.

But if you don’t fancy the busy Apple stores or stumping up £65, why not get the hang of your iPod from the comfort of your favourite armchair by simply visiting the pretty comprehensive tutorial on Apple’s website, here. Or from the independent iPod hints and tips site, If you still can’t get the hang of what, let’s face it, is a fairly intuitive system, then perhaps your best bet is to get yourself a copy of iPod and iTunes for Dummies. No offence.

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