Correction: dotMobi blogger not so anonymous

I wrote a blog the other day about dotMobi, the top level domain name aimed at mobile users, rebutting their rebuttal of a story Kevin Murphy, a colleague of mine, wrote about them.

In that blog I said it was a shame that we don’t know who the dotMobi blogger was who criticized Kevin’s piece. That assertion was plain wrong – it turns out the blogger is Alexa Raad, a very switched-on blogger who I just got off the phone with (as opposed to ‘got off’ on the phone with, which would presumably have been the case if she was a .XXX rather than .mobi spokesperson!)

Alexa pointed out that her name appears on her blog down at the bottom. So there is no mystery there, and I was wrong to say they were hiding behind any kind of anonymity. I deleted my original post some while back but with the way of the Internet, I needed to write a follow-up too because that old post is no doubt hanging around in the Ether somewhere.

Alexa has had the grace not to write a critical follow-up on her own blog pointing out my egregious error, but she will be more than justified in linking to this particular post from her latest blog, so that all her own readers can see my retraction for themselves.

All of that said, Kevin does still stand by his original article that started the furor in the first place. Not the bit about Alexa being anonymous, the bit in which Alexa questions his fact checking. Kevin’s blog post is still here and is still open to comments.

However rather than continue that debate here, I simply suggest that you keep an eye on Alexa’s blog here.

Of course, there will be more news stories from our sister publication ComputerWire for which Kevin Murphy writes, as well as from CBR itself, covering the goings-on at dotMobi as developments unfold. As I noted in my recent post, we have nothing against dotMobi and a quick search of CBRonline will give you various results reporting their early success.

As Alexa pointed out, dotMobi is a fully-fledged company offering free tools, certification and online training for anyone wanting to do .mobi domains optimized for mobile users. .XXX, on the other hand, is none of the above, because it was blocked by the US Department of Commerce.

As always, your comments are most welcome.

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