First in line to buy an iPad? My commiserations

Steve Jobs wasn’t kidding when he said the "technology road is bumpy".

Those familiar with my initial thoughts on the iPad won’t be overly surprised if I waste no time in doing a little more "Apple bashing", since the army of iPad early adopters are already reporting major hassles with their shiny new devices.

Don’t get me wrong, I do have sympathy for those who rushed out to get their hands on the iPad the very first weekend it went on sale, only to find in many cases that its Wi-fi was iffy to say the least, while others have complained it takes an age to charge their iPad. But while I’m sympathetic, like any early adopters they were always likely to pay a price to be first with iPad bragging rights.


Surfing the net with weak wireless signal? No thanks.

Just like the iPod early adopters who were up in arms when Apple dropped the price from $599 to $399 within weeks of it going on sale, the purchasers of iPad 1.0 should keep in mind Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ words when he attempted an apology of sorts back then. He said that, had those iPod buyers been, "In technology for 30+ years", like him, then they would better understand that the "technology road is bumpy", as he put it, and that, "this is life in the technology lane."

Perhaps he will make a similar statement to appease those iPad buyers who have flooded Apple’s discussion boards to complain that their iPad is struggling to get a strong wireless signal, despite other nearby devices working normally.

"I have rebooted the iPad 3 times, doesn’t help. My MacBook is running on the same Wi-Fi network just fine. Not spending $500 on something I can’t even use. It’s going back tomorrow," said one user on the forum.

But I’d be surprised if Jobs gets embroiled in such "petty" complaints about his beloved tablet. Talking about early sales figures which showed he managed to shift 300,000 on the first day of its release and another 500,000 since, he said: "It feels great to have the iPad launched into the world, it’s going to be a game changer."

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