Top 7 most expensive phones in the world

Mobile phones have arguably become a necessity in the modern world, we all need texts, calls, internet and emails, but what happens when humanity’s love of wanton excess takes over? When practicality and efficiency give way to mindless decadence?

Sure, you can send emails from it, but does it need to be made of diamond and gold? For some people that answer is yes, so here is a look at the top seven most expensive mobiles in the world.


7. Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone – £240,000


At £240,000 the Black Diamond VIPN is one of the ‘classier’ looking phones you could buy for an outlandish price.

Rather than diamonds embedded in gold, African Blackwood, or diamond snakes, the VIPN has just two diamonds on show, one on the back and one serving as the joystick, which certainly shows the phones age.

However, if you’re looking for exclusivity, it’s worth noting that only five of these phones were ever made.


Rubies and emeralds decorate the next phones – 439 rubies to be exact