SAP S4 HANA marks beginning of the end for the IT stack


SAP has announced a new business suite built upon S4 HANA.

Delivering the announcement at the New York Stock Exchange, Bill McDermott, Dr Hasso Plattner and Bernd Leukert spoke of the company, the product, its capabilities and then gave a demonstration.

Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP, said: "Today SAP is redefining the concept of enterprise resource planning for the 21st century. SAP S/4HANA is about uniting software and people to build businesses that run real-time, networked and simple."

One of the key capabilities of S4 is the reduction of the data footprint, made capable by separating the historical and real time data. Dr Plattner highlighted a case example of an averaged sized business:

With a traditional data footprint of 593gb, the same business on HANA has a data footprint of 118.6. On S4 HANA this would be reduced to 42.3gb, however, if you were to separate historical data, as he advises, then this data footprint would be reduced to 8gb. In theory you could run a whole company on a phone.

By separating historical data which cannot be changed, the system will run faster and increase performance by 3x – 5x, with the most of the workload just being read only.

One of the key elements of the system will be its real time operating analytics, with the system designed around reducing IT loads by operating on one system.

SAP state that the system can simulate the results and performance of companies of SAP size and larger in 3 seconds, the on the fly real time system can also incorporate geospatial data, predict future demand and highlights areas of concern. This builds upon a connected relationship between human and machine where the system can give feedback on the fly and calculate development.

"When Hasso Plattner invented SAP HANA, we knew the day would come for SAP Business Suite to be reinvented for the digital age. At a moment when businesses around the world need to enter new markets and engage with their consumers in any channel, there’s now an innovation platform designed to drive their growth.

"This is an historic day and we believe it marks the beginning of the end for the 20th century IT stack and all the complexity that came with it." Said McDermott.

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