Sorry Business 2.0, but Schwartz and Ballmer still matter

Business 2.0 magazine just published a list of “10 people who don’t matter”, including Sun’s relatively new CEO, Jonathan Schwartz, as well as Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. We couldn’t help but smile, seeing as a couple of weeks back we published our annual ‘CBR 10 Special Report’ in print and online, which among other lists includes a ranking of the 10 Most Influential Movers and Shakers. Guess what — we put Schwartz at number one, and Ballmer at number four.

The US business and economics academic Louis Boone once said, “Don’t fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things.” It was in that vein that CBR produced its first ‘CBR 10 Special Report’ four years ago – published to coincide with the magazine’s tenth anniversary.

That marked the first time that instead of ranking technology vendors objectively by quantitative metrics alone such as revenue or profitability, we instead ranked them subjectively, picking the vendors and personalities that our writers believed held the most influence in their various sectors at that time.

We clearly have a very different set of criteria to Business 2.0, and you can see our full list of the 10 Most Influential Movers & Shakers here, as well as our justification for the rankings.

But we’d also be happy to hear what you have to say on the matter — who is nearer to the mark in your opinion, CBR or Business 2.0? Hit the comment button below…

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