What is 5G?


5G is the next generation of cellular connectivity technology that will follow 4G.

This will include connecting the mobile phones that are commonly used today, but also connecting machine-to-machine and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Currently the industry is trying to iron out the specifications for what 5G will look like.

Expectations are high. 5G is supposed to be a more energy-efficient network, with faster data download and upload speeds with lower latency.

It needs to be energy efficient so that devices using it can survive on batteries for a large amount of time without being recharged.

The energy efficiency may come from what is called lean design, which will mean that components are switched off when they are not transmitting data.

5G may use higher frequency bands to transmit data, where there is relatively little competition over bandwidth. This will mean a lower wave-length.

Due to the lower wave-length, 5G may also be reliant on small cell technology to boost the signal, including femtocells and picocells, which have so far not seen huge adoption.

When will 5G arrive?

Name of Technology:


Year Introduced:


Open Source or Proprietary:

Open Source

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Mobile Network



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