What is a browser?

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Commonly known as a browser, a web browser is a software application that enables users to navigate the World Wide Web.

The primary function of a web browser is to bring information to the user. Once a user puts in a URL (Uniform Resource Locator), the browser looks at the URL prefix to determine how the URL will be interpreted. The most common prefix, HTTP, will retrieve information over the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, while the prefix mailto: will direct the URL to an email application.

In the majority of cases where the https prefix is used, the browser will find the information, retrieve it and display it for the user. The same process of navigation, retrieval and display also applies to the clicking of hyperlinks.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the first web browser, WorldWideWeb, in 1990 as a research project. The first widely used web browser was released in 1993 and was developed by Marc Andreessen.

Dubbed Mosaic, the web browser sparked the internet boom of the 1990s as it was the first World Wide Web system which was easily accessed and used by the average person. Andressen then went on to start his own company, Netscape, where he released the Netscape Navigator in 1994. Influenced by Mosaic, Navigator became the most popular browser on the web, accounting for 90% of all web use at its peak.

What’s the most used browser?

Name of Technology:

Web Browser

Year Introduced:


Invented by :

Marc Andreessen

Open Source or Proprietary:

Open Source

Main technology category:




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