What is Big data as a Service?


The area of big data has many different subsets that can be complex to understand, with Big data-as-a-Service falling into an area that bridges cloud and data analytics.

Big data-as-a-Service, or BDaaS, is a way of accessing analytics tools or information from an outside provider. This can help organisations to gain insights into the meaning of data so that they can gain competitive advantage by improving customer relationships and business decision making.

BDaaS is designed to help businesses to free up resources by taking advantage of tools that are being provided by an outside organisation.

Big data

Like Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), it can take the form of software tools that aid with data processing, or it can be a contract for the services of a team of data scientists.

Companies such as Blue Yonder provide cloud-based predictive applications for retail, the benefit of this is that many businesses don’t have access to data scientists, nor do they have the infrastructure that could support high-end analytics tools.

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