What is cloud computing?

what is cloud computing

The ability to scale up and down also has financial benefits in the pay for use model. Because computing resources are measured as a granular level, businesses only have to pay for the resources and workloads that they use, making it much cheaper to run cloud applications than on premises software.

Cloud computing comes in different forms, public, private, or hybrid. The choice of deployment is based on what better suits the user’s needs.

Public cloud allows for a third-party provider to deliver the cloud service over the Internet with services sold on-demand. Businesses then only pay for CPU cycles, storage, or the bandwidth that they consume.

Leading public cloud vendors include Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, and Google Compute Engine.

Private cloud services are delivered from a data centre that serves the internal users. Typically this deployment is sought by businesses that seek to maintain a greater amount of control over their IT estate and want to have a higher level of security.
Hybrid cloud is a mixture of the two.

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Cloud Computing

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