What is cybercrime?


The law also covers the creation of malware or anything that can be used to violate the other sections of the law.

The latter category includes crimes that have now moved to the internet, such as fraud, identity theft and credit card account thefts. It could also include offences such as hate crime.

Phishing attacks, for example, which involve sending out fraudulent communications with the aim of harvesting the victims’ data, are punishable under fraud laws after amendments to the existing law were made in 2005.

Identity theft, which simply means impersonating another person using their credentials, can also take place online. This personal information could include passport numbers, bank details or even information as mundane and seemingly innocuous as a name or date of birth.

Online, data is regularly harvested by cyber criminals through a range of methods. This includes broad brush approaches such as phishing, which can beguile unsuspecting victims into sharing information.

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Criminal activities carried out by means of computers or the Internet.

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