What is edge analytics?


By pushing analytics to sensors and network devices the strain on enterprise data management and analytics systems is reduced.
Edge analytics has increased in popularity as the Internet of Things model of connected devices has gain traction.

Another benefit of running edge analytics is that an analytic algorithm can assess the data as it is created and make decisions as to what information is worth storing, either in a cloud or on-premises data centre. This means that businesses should be able to better manage what data they are storing, making sure that what they keep hold of is of value and is not redundant, trivial, or obsolete (ROT) data.

Several vendors are working on edge analytics, also known as edge computing. Included in the ranks of those working on solutions in this area are the likes of HPE, Cisco, Juniper, and ETSI.

Industries likely to be at the forefront of using edge analytics are thought to be manufacturing, telecoms, the oil and gas industry and others.


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