What is GIMP?

what is gimp

GIMP is a free image editor for Linux, macOS and Windows.

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program and is a program which allows users to change and manipulate images.

The free and open-source raster graphics editor was developed back in 1995 by Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis, students at the University of California, Berkeley.

Initially released as the General Image Manipulation Program, Kimball and Mattis chose to change the acronym after meeting American software freedom activist Richard Stallman.

The two students asked Stallman if they could change General to GNU in the acronym, the latter being the name of Stallman’s operating system. Approving the name-change, the acronym reflected GIMP’s development as Free Software as part of the GNU Project.


Who is the kart racing mascot of GIMP?

Name of Technology:


Year Introduced:


Invented by :

Spencer Kimball, Peter Mattis

Open Source or Proprietary:

Open Source

Main technology category:


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