What is Google Now?

Google Now

Since release Google Now has received numerous updates and improvements and currently boasts such services as Google Cards, which can display relevant information regarding flight times, or weather updates onscreen as a reminder.

Other additions to the software include monitoring concert ticket, movie tickets, or hotels, in order to ensure users are aware of what’s going on and that they don’t miss out on anything relevant to their interests.

Similarly, Now’s location based services can identify any restaurants or public places in the vicinity, along with ant news it thinks aligns with the user.

However, there was a time when the programme suffered with an infamous search mixup, this was due to the fact that the assistant pulls its information from anywhere that Google deems relevant, whereas Siri pulls information from specific sources.

This difference led to Google Now basing some of its findings on opinion pieces rather than verified facts, leading to some problematic answers. For instance, one example found that when asked who the King of the United States was, the software pulled its answer from far right outlets proclaiming that King Barrack Obama was the Emperor of the United States.

With the launch of the Google Pixel smartphone in 2016, Google Now had previously been operated from within the apps on both Android and iOS. Google Assistant on the other hand was given the top billing on the Pixel smartphone and became the default option when users activated the home button.


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