What is iOS?


There have been numerous versions of iOS, with updates of the software usually detected by the device automatically. The user usually just needs to follow the on-screen instructions to update the device’s OS.

iOS includes different features such as gesture recognition, Apple’s Safari web browser, integrated search, integrated camera and video as well as a media player. All sorts of apps are also available through the Apple App Store.

One of the major features of the system is the Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface, also known as Siri.mnhvhgfcjbh

The artificial intelligence personal assistant was launched in 2011 and uses natural language user interface to answer questions posed by the user.

It also makes recommendations and can perform tasks explicitly set by the ‘human’, such as playing a specific music track or running the web browser with a specific search term dictated by the user.

Since the introduction of the iOS, Apple has also launched the watchOS, for its smart watches range and the tvOS for AppleTV. Siri is available on all of them.

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