What is IoT?


The internet of things, widely known for its acronym IoT, is now moving away from the embryo stage into the real world with use cases and implementations.

The IoT is about connecting things (not only physical objects, people, animals, etc, but also services) to the internet.

Simply put, if it has an IP address, an identifier and internet connection then it is an IoT-enabled solution.

These products send out and receive data from different sources, with the cloud being a crucial part of the whole IoT ecosystem. This architecture generally also includes IoT software, sensors, gateways, and any other sort of hardware needed to capture and distribute that data.

Yet, the IoT only makes sense if it can provide real value to the end-user, an operator or a manufacturer. A consumer example is a smart wallpaper that can call for the right emergency services in case of a home accident.

The IoT is now entering a new phase of technological integration, by merging operational technology (OT) with information technology (IT).

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