What is OpenStack?


OpenStack is an open source software platform and set of tools for cloud computing that is mainly deployed as Infrastructure as a Service.

It can be deployed as both public and private cloud and is backed by some of the biggest tech companies in the world.

Since its inception in 2010, OpenStack has become a leading cloud option thanks to a broad ecosystem of vendors.

OpenStack is basically an open source software platform designed for cloud computing. It is mostly deployed as Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

Various sets of tools, which can be chosen by the user, make up the software platform which enables the building and management of the cloud for either public or private deployments.

The technology is backed by a number of the largest companies in both software development and hosting. Some of the companies involved include, HPE, IBM, Red Hat, Rackspace, VMware, Dell, Mirantis, and many more.

One of the main goals of the technology is to support interoperability between cloud services.

OpenStack allows users to deploy virtual machines and other instances which serve the purpose of managing different tasks in a cloud environment.

The architecture of the software is modular and offers numerous components, these include the likes of Nova for providing virtual machines upon demand; Swift is a scalable storage system that supports object storage; Sahara is a data processing service for OpenStack managed resources; and Neutron provides network connectivity-as-a-service between interface devices.

Why use OpenStack?

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