What is social media?


Social media describes computer-mediated tools that essentially allow people to communicate in virtual communities or networks.

Users are able to create, share or exchange information, ideas, discussions, ideas, pictures, and videos in these networks, with these networks dependent on mobile and web-based technologies.

Defining what social media is in a clear and concise manner is no easy task. There are many stand-alone and built-in social media networks, all offering differences in features and ways of communicating. For example, Pinterest is a social network driven by the sharing of images, while Twitter is a network with a 140 character limit on text and image messages.

However, there are generally four common features that all social media services do share – they are Web 2.0 internet-based applications; user-generated content sits at the heart of a social media network; users create profiles for the site or app which are then maintained by the social media organisation; user profiles are connected to other individuals or groups which develops online social networks.

what is social media

Continue reading to see how many people use the most popualr social media service.

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