What is Teradata?


Teradata had its beginnings in research at the California Institute of Technology and from the discussions of Citibank’s advanced technology group. Explaining the beginnings of the company, Teradata says:

“Caltech showed “how;” the bank showed “why.” The ideas came together in the winter and spring of 1979. Founders worked “out of the box” to design a revolutionary database management system for parallel processing with multiple microprocessors, specifically for decision support. The microprocessors, like horses, were harnessed to pull a large load rather than relying on one horse to do all the work.”

The company was incorporated in 1979 and in 1984 released its specialised database computer.



Main Business:

Enterprise Software

Founded by:

Jack E. Shemer, Philip M. Neches, Walter E. Muir, Jerold R. Modes, William P. Worth, Carroll Reed and David Hartke


Victor L. Lund

Year founded:


Share Price:

USD ( ) ( Last Updated : )

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