What is virtual reality?

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Virtual reality (VR) technology lets users experience a virtual world by immersing them into a non-real universe of content, be it games, learning platforms, travelling apps, and so on.

Eyes are covered by a headset and users experience a replication of fictional or real world scenarios. VR has 360 degrees views and includes high quality sound experience.

VR has its origins back in the 1950s when cinematographer Morton Heilig explored the concept of VR. In 1957 he created Sensorama. The machine was a simulator that recreated the illusion of reality using a 3D motion picture.

Sensorama, patented in 1962, was also able to recreate smell, produce sounds, wind, and vibrate the seat so the user would be fully immersed into the experience. Due to his invention, Heilig has been touted as the Father of VR.

What is the VR market worth?

Name of Technology:

Virtual Reality

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Invented by :

Morton Heilig

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