Conversational A.I. For The Enterprise

The state of chatbots has quickly evolved from a fad to an essential part of corporate strategy. No longer a nascent technology, chatbots have matured into solutions that enterprises across industries are taking seriously. But how do we distinguish a simple chatbot from human-like, AIdriven conversational solutions that we now see businesses adopting? In this […]

Cisco Umbrella – Maximum Threat Protection On And Off Campus

As a university, your goal is simple; to provide fast, safe, reliable internet service to students, and staff across your campus. But a combination of distributed networks, more roaming users, and new, constantly evolving threats, make your network increasingly vulnerable to device infections and network breaches. So how do you secure your university and safeguard […]

Connecting to Enterprise Opportunity in The Netherlands

The Netherlands has one of the most vibrant economies in Europe, driven by the country’s attitude toward international business, relatively low corporate tax rates, competitive cost of doing business and strong economic growth. In recent years, the market has also benefited as access to technology services and low-latency network connections across the Atlantic and into […]

Cloud and Services Opportunities in Ireland

Businesses in the Republic of Ireland (Ireland) are no different from those in other economically advanced global markets in terms of their desire to transform current IT estates from cost centres into tools for efficiency that drive new business capabilities. As Irish organisations compete locally, and also increasingly on a global stage, their IT challenges […]

New Signature Utilising Managed Services to Become a Cloud Champion

Updates, new features, applications maintenance, threat detection, incident support – the upkeep when it comes to IT infrastructure is seemingly a never-ending list. Add to that the need to keep team skills up to date in an ever-changing technology landscape and the drive for IT to carve out time to proactively contribute to value-add activities. […]

New Signature The Need For Speed: Using the Power of Cloud for App Innovation

A crucial component of today’s enterprise lies in the business logic and information assets contained within legacy application estates. The ever changing digital landscape is requiring business to evolve which is putting pressure on the applications to respond. Sure, your apps are keeping the lights on and the business running, but are they fit for […]

New Signature Unlocking the Enterprise Superpower with IoT & Analytics

Superheroes always have similar attributes – speed, agility, intuition, x-ray vision, and, of course, a cape. Many of the same attributes can also be found in the enterprise and whilst we are more familiar with the ‘data is the new oil’ analogy, data is a superpower any business can wield. However, unlocking it requires the […]

New Signature Becoming A Digital Business By Modernising Your Data Centre

Businesses today have a fight on their hands. In one corner you have the proliferation of data, increasing customer demands, rising costs and regulatory burdens. In the other corner, you have costly onpremise servers and datacentres, with one arm maybe pinned down and tied to providers giving nothing but constraints and inflexibility. Safe to say, […]

New Signature Cloud Services and security: what you need to know

Cloud-based services deliver a host of benefits, from lower capital expenditure to scalability and ease of access. However, security practices need to change along with an organization’s IT systems. What are the key security considerations for cloud-based solutions? Download this white paper to find out more.


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