Enterprise IT

AI-Augmented Attacks and the Battle of the Algorithms

In discussions around the future of AI and cyber-threats, we often wonder when we can expect to see malicious or offensive AI attacks in the wild. While we have not yet seen conclusive evidence of execution, this report will show that all the tools and open-source research needed to facilitate an AI-augmented attack exist today. […]

Ecommerce Foundation: How to Replatform Your Ecommerce System Successfully

How To Replatform Your Ecommerce System Successfully This report examines how organizations – especially large ones – approach replatforming their ecommerce platform by addressing these key areas: • The typical phases distinguished in a replatforming project • The best practices in each step • Where companies succeed or fail in the process.”

Smart document management: Helping EPCs and Owner Operators anticipate project rework and delays

Working smarter and faster to complete projects on time and on budget under today’s demanding project pressures requires continual investment in technology, processes and people. Engineering, Procurement and Construction firms (EPCs) naturally apply lessons learned to every new project to increase the opportunities for improved returns on their investments. To further capitalize, top EPCs are […]

Collaboration, confidence and control during plant turnaround projects

Plant turnaround projects are costly, not just in terms of labor and materials used to execute the project, but also in terms of lost production while the facility is offline. These projects demand the most significant portion of a plant’s annual maintenance budget, and can positively or negatively impact the company’s profitability. Indeed, turnarounds are […]

Six steps to increase your engineering document control efficiency

In today’s economic environment, most EPCs and Owner Operators are stretching their budgets and resources but still striving to deliver on time-sensitive projects. Digital transformation has significantly reduced paper, but the processes themselves often remain largely manual. In this whitepaper, Idox’s Steven Bruce shares his experiences of working with companies running large capital engineering projects […]

8 Tech Trends of 2020 That Every Digital Leader Should Embrace

Over seven years ago, Mark Andreessen, a famous American entrepreneur, investor, and software engineer proclaimed that: “We are in the middle of a dramatic and broad technological and economic shift in which software companies are poised to take over large swathes of the economy.” While this prediction turned out to be one of the most […]

Infortrend Company Profile

Download this whitepaper to discover how Infortrend can benefit you. Infortrend places great emphasis on providing customers with choice and flexibility, with a product range that meets diverse needs – from those of small businesses to large-scale big data applications including the ever increasing demand of cloud computing and virtualization infrastructures. Learn more about: Industry Proven […]

Solution brief: Veeam and VMware Software-Defined Data Center

Achieving non-stop service and Availability traditionally required a significant investment in fully redundant systems with failover capabilities. But, many organizations settle for legacy hardware or tools that cost even more when they fail to avoid outages and take too long to recover if outages do occur. This solution brief reviews how VMware and Veeam® identify […]


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