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Today’s Top Optical Terms Explained

The last few years have seen an explosion of confusing terms and acronyms in the optical space. Fear not, aspiring acronym user! Ciena is here to help, with an all-new guide for the terms we’re asked about most often. Download our guide, Today’s Top Optical Terms Explained, to demystify some of the optical industry’s acronym […]

Interactive Guide to Enabling a Programmable Optical Infrastructure

Today, billions of ultra-mobile users consume high-definition content, video and applications when and where they choose. In this environment, next-generation networks need to flexibly adapt in real time to meet changing capacity needs. Programmable infrastructure enables networks to adapt in real time to deliver bandwidth. Download our Interactive Guide to learn about flexible services and […]

Primer: A guide to 400G and optical networks

400G is the next big thing in optical network transport, meaning 400 billion bits of information can now travel down a single optical wavelength per second!  Why is this important? Data is growing at a tremendous pace.  To keep up, network operators are increasingly using 400G to connect between data centers and other congested parts […]

Tracking the Deployment of Third Generation Coherent

The transition to the latest coherent technology is underway and its effects are rippling through the optical market. Cignal AI examines the technology’s history, as well as the catalysts and keys to market success for third generation coherent.

Improving Sales Account Coverage with Artificial Intelligence

As businesses grow, meeting the needs of new markets, new customers, and new partners can be challenging. Sales and marketing organizations are constantly under pressure to increase their account coverage and rapidly respond to customers’ changing needs, while maintaining or even reducing operational costs. Intel’s Sales and Marketing Group (SMG) faces similar challenges while growing […]

Select the Best Infrastructure Strategy to Support Your AI Solution

For many organizations, the question is not about whether, but when, and most importantly how, to deploy Artificial intelligence (AI). As the focus of IT strategy moves from data management to intelligent action, enterprises increasingly recognize the role of AI to support humans in problem-solving, decision making and creative endeavors. AI systems learn from vast […]

The AI Readiness Model

At Intel, we work with many organizations who are investigating artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Image recognition, natural language processing (NLP) and predictive maintenance are emerging as particular hotspots. Some businesses are exploring these AI use cases for the first time; others are examining how to advance from a successful starting point. To aid organizations wherever […]

5 Steps to an AI Proof of Concept

An artificial intelligence (AI) software program is one that can sense, reason, act and adapt. It does so by first ‘learning’ from a large and diverse data set, which it uses to train models about the data. Once trained, the model is then deployed to infer results from similar, new or unseen data, for example […]

The State of Email Security

Email. You use it constantly. And it’s the number-one application to keep your organization functioning, lines of communication flowing, and productivity seamless. Organizations need email to stay up-and-running all the time. After all, it’s supposed to just work, right? This is where trouble often sets in. Cybercriminals use email constantly, too. It’s the number-one vector […]

Protect Your Applications Against All Ten OWASP 2017 Threats

More than half of the OWASP threats have existed for a decade, yet organizations still struggle to protect against these threats. Web applications still remain the most vulnerable. Learn why and how automated application security is the key to overcome security gaps and protect your applications.


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