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Infortrend Company Profile

Download this whitepaper to discover how Infortrend can benefit you. Infortrend places great emphasis on providing customers with choice and flexibility, with a product range that meets diverse needs – from those of small businesses to large-scale big data applications including the ever increasing demand of cloud computing and virtualization infrastructures. Learn more about: Industry Proven […]

Solution brief: Veeam and VMware Software-Defined Data Center

Achieving non-stop service and Availability traditionally required a significant investment in fully redundant systems with failover capabilities. But, many organizations settle for legacy hardware or tools that cost even more when they fail to avoid outages and take too long to recover if outages do occur. This solution brief reviews how VMware and Veeam® identify […]

A step-by-step guide to cloud adoption and data protection

Public clouds can become an essential part of your data protection strategy and can even be used as your secondary data center or an offsite backup storage. If you plan and implement cloud adoption the right way, you’ll gain many benefits including cost-efficiency, agility and mobility. Read this white paper to see what key considerations […]

Top 5 Reasons to Use Veeam and Microsoft Azure for Data Recovery

The public cloud is increasingly becoming an attractive target for off-site disaster recovery. But, not all the systems which offer this service are created equal. In this white paper learn the top five considerations to take into account when selecting which cloud service to use as your DR target, including: – Will it help you […]

Today’s Top Optical Terms Explained

The last few years have seen an explosion of confusing terms and acronyms in the optical space. Fear not, aspiring acronym user! Ciena is here to help, with an all-new guide for the terms we’re asked about most often. Download our guide, Today’s Top Optical Terms Explained, to demystify some of the optical industry’s acronym […]

Interactive Guide to Enabling a Programmable Optical Infrastructure

Today, billions of ultra-mobile users consume high-definition content, video and applications when and where they choose. In this environment, next-generation networks need to flexibly adapt in real time to meet changing capacity needs. Programmable infrastructure enables networks to adapt in real time to deliver bandwidth. Download our Interactive Guide to learn about flexible services and […]

Primer: A guide to 400G and optical networks

400G is the next big thing in optical network transport, meaning 400 billion bits of information can now travel down a single optical wavelength per second!  Why is this important? Data is growing at a tremendous pace.  To keep up, network operators are increasingly using 400G to connect between data centers and other congested parts […]

Improving Sales Account Coverage with Artificial Intelligence

As businesses grow, meeting the needs of new markets, new customers, and new partners can be challenging. Sales and marketing organizations are constantly under pressure to increase their account coverage and rapidly respond to customers’ changing needs, while maintaining or even reducing operational costs. Intel’s Sales and Marketing Group (SMG) faces similar challenges while growing […]

Select the Best Infrastructure Strategy to Support Your AI Solution

For many organizations, the question is not about whether, but when, and most importantly how, to deploy Artificial intelligence (AI). As the focus of IT strategy moves from data management to intelligent action, enterprises increasingly recognize the role of AI to support humans in problem-solving, decision making and creative endeavors. AI systems learn from vast […]

The AI Readiness Model

At Intel, we work with many organizations who are investigating artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Image recognition, natural language processing (NLP) and predictive maintenance are emerging as particular hotspots. Some businesses are exploring these AI use cases for the first time; others are examining how to advance from a successful starting point. To aid organizations wherever […]


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