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Manage transactional and data mart loads with superior performance and high availability. The Dell EMC VMAX 250F All Flash storage array supported database workloads better than the HPE 3PAR 8450 storage array. It’s not enough to make the transaction process as fast and effortless as possible; the speed of business also demands a backend storage […]


Handle transaction workloads and data mart loads with better performance. The Dell EMC Unity 400F All-Flash storage array offered solid performance compared to the HPE 3PAR 8400. At Principled Technologies, we compared Dell EMC™ PowerEdge™ R930 servers1 with the Dell EMC Unity 400F AllFlash storage array to HPE ProLiant DL580 Gen9 servers with the HPE […]

Intel IT’s Multi-Cloud Strategy: Focused on the Business

Maximize the business value of the cloud. That simple statement underlies a three-year initiative to transform Intel IT’s cloud strategy: – Modernize our application stack by abstracting it from the infrastructure to enable anything-as-a-service (XaaS) capabilities. – Focus on business and application needs not on infrastructure. – Determine optimal workload placement to balance cost with […]

Optimal Workload Placement for Public, Hybrid, and Private Clouds

This document explains in detail the differences in workloads and how you can guide your organization to the optimal cloud solution given the many options available today. For example, email is well-suited to public clouds, whereas scientific research is typically not. While some of these placement decisions are more obvious, such as readily available commercial […]

How to Containerize Your Go Code

Learning about containers is a bit like learning about Linux or learning about Go: it’s potentially a huge topic! But everyone has to begin somewhere. This lesson will give you an introduction to some of the key concepts of containers and walk you through some examples of using Docker containers with Go code.

Is Your Data Center Holding You Back?

That data center down the hall may have been shiny new and state-of-the-art at one time, but technology— and business—often moves too fast for even the most advanced sites to keep up. Inefficiencies creep in over time, and as the environment evolves, a lack of adequate focus on data protection may expose organizations to increasing […]

Change Delivered

Making Digital Transformation a reality with innovative end-to-end information management. Businesses know that they need to transform to survive – enabling efficiency at scale and speed, with new technology solutions at the centre of everything. Adopting digital strategies and evolving their processes, practices, technologies and data management that can give them the edge in four […]


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