An IT Strategy to Support the Modern Analytics-Driven Business


For IT organizations, the requirement for high-performance systems and analytics tools that work with petabytes of information is not a good match for legacy infrastructure and IT strategies. And forward-thinking IT organizations are developing new infrastructure strategies to better support high-value analytics workloads and power your business.

A successful IT strategy starts with the realization that analytics workloads will increase substantially over the next two to three years. Many companies can barely support the limited number of current analytics workloads that run on legacy IT systems. Doubling or tripling the number of these high-value applications using older hardware is just not possible. The company needs IT to develop an appropriate infrastructure strategy and identify the products to support it. Successful IT organizations will invest in analytics platforms that have long-term strategic value to ensure their companies are not “aiming where the puck is now, but where it is going.” Tactically, IT must quickly and efficiently deploy this new strategic infrastructure, leveraging products that have been designed to meet the needs of many diverse analytic workloads both now and for the future.

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