Content Delivery Network For China

Alibaba Cloud

A CDN is a network of nodes (or servers) distributed across different geographic locations to deliver content from your website to end-users in various geographic locations. To do this, a CDN first copies and caches the contents of your website to its network of nodes. When the network receives a request it allocates a node in geographic proximity to the user’s access point and sends cached content to that user. This thereby reduces latency and significantly improves load time. CDNs are also built to handle huge volumes of traffic and provide protection from large traffic surges by distributing traffic across multiple nodes.

China is a unique market for the usage of content delivery networks. Due to existing regulations, individuals and organizations wishing to deploy a website on a local CDN must first apply for an ICP (Internet Content Provider) registration number. As a legal requirement, obtaining ICP registration is a mandatory requirement if you wish to access a content delivery network or host your website in Mainland China.

Download this white paper to find out more.

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