CordenPharma Case Study


Many of CordenPharma’s customers are in early-stage clinical drug trials and thus require strong data protection. It takes several years and billions of dollars to bring new pharmaceuticals to market, a process which requires the safekeeping of both patient information and confidential IP. As a consequence, the pharmaceutical industry continues to be targeted by sophisticated cyber-attacks.

In particular, threat-actors often attempt to compromise major pharmaceutical providers by first breaching their supply chains — composed of third parties who often have access to sensitive data outside the security team’s purview.

Given its lean security team, CordenPharma also needed a technology to augment its manpower. Legacy tools — rooted in fixed ‘rules and signatures’ — flag any activity that meets broadly defined technical parameters, often inundating teams with a flood of false positive alerts. Not only do such alerts generate an inordinate amount of unnecessary labor, they also lead to genuine threats becoming buried and even overlooked entirely.

Download this case study to learn more about Darktrace’s solution and its benefits.

Lang: EN
Type: White Paper
Length: 2 pages


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