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Traditional security for development teams has been functionally separated, with different tools for different departments operated by different resources. However, this monolithic approach is changing rapidly as organizations look to transition development operations to cloud and container platforms. This has led to organizational reviews on how to best secure new approaches to business application development while maintaining the integrity and confidence in the organization’s overall server security posture.

Today’s security administrators require acute awareness of cyber threats in order to protect the types of environments and platforms being used within an organization. As the speed of business changes, cybersecurity is shifting to the left and development teams are now being tasked with identifying and protecting against threats not only at run time but prior to deployment as well.

Security solutions need to be designed to succeed across environments (physical, virtual, and cloud), providing synergy between IT security and DevOp practices to help with tool consolidation and collaboration of security and compliance requirements without interfering in CI/CD development cycles.

Deep Security™ Smart Check delivers automated continuous image scanning with both vulnerability assessment and malware detection, image assertion, and access control. This is designed to secure images earlier in the CI/CD (Continuous Implementation/Continuous Delivery) pipeline without negatively impacting the ability for DevOps teams to continuously deliver production-ready applications and meet the needs of the business.

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