Digital Controllers Optimise, Digital Transformers Innovate


Today, IT is tasked with increasing operational efficiency, whilst arming employees with the right tools, products, and services to get their jobs done. Enterprises need the power of the latest technology to keep up with constantly changing digital environments and a highly mobile and demanding workforce. And although, the two types of IT, controllers (linear, IT-centric, and insular) and transformers (agile, employee-centric, and flexible) have different approaches, they face similar challenges when enlisting the help of vendors that will enable them to focus on the more strategic tasks of understanding their employees’ needs.

Although digital controllers and digital transformers have differing objectives and goals in mind they both use similar tools and possess a keen awareness to improve their employees’ autonomy and productivity. Yet, these differing objectives have resulted in a divergence of PC Lifecycle approaches.

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Type: White Paper
Length: 11 pages


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