Embedded Analytics


Integrating a rich analytics offering into your software product can bring substantial benefits, including enhanced competitive differentiation, increased customer satisfaction, and the ability to tap new markets for growth. Further, when compared to a ‘build in-house’ approach, embedding analytics often requires a much lower investment of time and development resources, resulting in superior time-to-value for the analytics initiative.

However, these advantages are only reachable with the right vendor selection and OEM partnership – in terms of analytics feature set, compatibility with your environment, and strength of success offerings, as well as other criteria. Too often, product teams turn to visualization or reporting generalists for embedded analytics only to find that “good enough” actually turns out to miss the mark, resulting in deployment delays, service cost overruns, and end customer dissatisfaction.

As such, this document is intended to help product leaders cover all the bases during their embedded analytics evaluation. We have categorized the evaluation guidelines into 6 areas:

  • Data Access, Integration, and Management
  • End User Analytics Functionality
  • Embedding Analytics into the Application User Interface
  • Deployment and Security
  • Extensibility, Customization, and Transparency
  • Services, Support, and Vendor Experience

Read more to learn the questions to focus on in order to make the right vendor decision for your initiative.

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