Enabling Agile Database Development with Toad - Part 3

Enabling Agile Database Development with Toad – Part 3


The path to agile database development leads through shared resources and continuous integration. Once you’ve enjoyed the productivity boost from sharing and viewing queries, files, objects and datasets in real time with other database developers, you’ll never go back. Together, Toad Development Suite for Oracle and Toad Intelligence Central offer automation for synchronizing your database teams and application software teams.

This technical brief is a setup guide for Toad Intelligence Central (or simply “Intelligence Central”) server, the centralized repository for making the database development tasks you perform in Toad for Oracle available for continuous integration.

After describing Toad Intelligence Central setup, this whitepaper will focus on three areas:

  1. Maintaining coding standards (Code Analysis Rule Sets, format, PL/SQL) using Toad Intelligence Central
  2. Hosting and executing automated tasks (unit test execution, code reviews, code quality reporting) on Toad Intelligence Central
  3. Calling automated tests and code reviews from a continuous integration (CI) server
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