Escaping Legacy

Escaping Legacy


In tackling the legacy problem and thus assisting organisations to take the big leap towards becoming fully digital, this survey uncovered some valuable pointers to a successful migration strategy aimed at reducing or even eliminating technology debt. These are detailed in the report and summarised below:

  • Adopt a business driven and evolutionary (step by step) rather than revolutionary (big-bang) approach when modernising core systems and associated infrastructures to align with customer needs in the emerging digital economy
  • Adjust both the business and supporting IT operating models to progress towards an integrated digital organisation, whilst maintaining strategic control over both these aspects of enterprise architecture
  • Tackle each layer of the IT stack by employing open standards, modern tools and techniques, especially those emerging within open cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure
  • Start to componentise (or ‘hollow out’) monolithic and heavily customised core systems by employing software packages and public cloud services, thereby simplifying access to valuable corporate data and improving front and back end IT integration
  • Consider new strategic IT partners in place of incumbents since new partners can bring innovation and the necessary funding to support complex and lengthy migrations
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