GDPR: 5 Lessons Learned Veeam Compliance Experience Shared – CIO Summary


The purpose of this white paper is to offer you the Veeam perspective of what the GDPR means to us. GDPR information is broadly available across the internet, and while many companies and lawyers may position themselves as experts, GDPR compliance is unique to each organization. You know your organization best, so you are in the best position to become the true expert in GDPR compliance for your organization. We will share our insights and lessons that we learned through our own compliance to help you on the path to thinking about not only GDPR compliance, but how Veeam’s software solutions can play a critical role in your data management and protection strategies and ensure that your organization is Always-On™.

This white paper is intended to be more technical and we will discuss and explain our view of GDPR from a technical and legal compliance perspective. We will examine the principles behind GDPR and how GDPR evolved to first benchmark law governing data privacy in Europe since the Data Protection Directive it replaces that was originally enacted in 1995. The most notable change is that GDPR puts the control over personal data back into the hands of the individual and organizations that collect, handle, analyze and use personal data have more obligations to the individual. Data privacy is an individual’s fundamental right and any organization that handles personal data should be focused on using the data in a lawful manner and protecting it with same standards it protects its confidential information. We believe our products and solutions can help your organization ensure Availability for your Always-On Enterprise.

Type: White Paper


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