Mitigating Multicloud Complexity With Managed Services Partners

Dell Technologies

Public cloud adoption is a reality for most enterprises: 65% of North American enterprises have adopted the use of public cloud and it is the preferred deployment for many applications. Today, organizations leverage more than one cloud provider — e.g., multicloud — with 75% of decision makers describing their approach as hybrid, and 66% defining hybrid as a form of multicloud. Recent research revealed almost all organizations with a multicloud strategy now use multiple clouds for mission-critical applications too — including those that store customer and financial data, drive sales and eCommerce, and deliver customer experience.

For many organizations, the power to leverage different clouds for different applications allows them to optimize capabilities, sourcing, and deployment models according to their business requirements. The tradeoff, however, can be an overwhelmingly complex multicloud architecture, with many moving parts that slow decisions and progress. Organizations with multicloud strategies (further referred to here as “multicloud organizations”) seek to benefit from multicloud but without the delays of complexity. They are looking for strategies that will help them overcome or even bypass complexity.

In June 2019, Dell Technologies commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the benefits of reducing the complexity of multicloud environments. Forrester conducted an online survey of 405 global decision makers with responsibility for the multicloud environment at their organization to explore this topic. We found multicloud deployment is here to stay, but managing the inherent complexity poses a major challenge for organizations looking to realize multicloud’s full potential.

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