Reducing cyber exposure


When it comes to IT infrastructure, it’s fair to say the perimeter has left the premises. In fact, the perimeter has mostly disappeared. Consider:

  • The average organization uses 1,427 cloud services, but only 8.1% of them meet enterprise security and compliance requirements.1
  • 89% of companies now allow personal devices to connect to corporate networks.2
  • Most analysts agree there are billions of connected IoT devices in use today, a number that is rapidly growing, yet there is no standard for securing them.

We’re living in a new reality, one crowded with new types of dynamic IT assets. Whether it’s discovering short-lived assets like containers, assessing the state of cloud environments or maintaining the security of web applications, today’s modern attack surface presents a growing challenge to CISOs and security leaders looking to accurately understand and reduce their cyber risk.

To combat this challenge, a discipline called Cyber Exposure is emerging to help organizations manage and measure this risk. This ebook shares perspectives on how your peers are beginning their Cyber Exposure journey to protect their expanding attack surface – from cloud to containers and everything in between – and gain business insights. Read on for their key takeaways…

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